• All the students are expected to show exemplary behavior at all times within as well as outside the school. All students will be accountable to the school authorities for their conduct.
  • Students involved in or inciting fights or found using tobacco or intoxicants or other types of indiscipline will be subject to severe disciplinary action which may lead to expulsion from the school.
  • Students are prohibited from bringing mobile phones or electronic gadgets or accessories. It will be confiscated.
  • Students have to come with their complete Homework (written/oral), which has to be signed by the teacher.
  • Students found bullying, borrowing money, using vulgar and abusive language, deliberately disfiguring or damaging school property will face stern disciplinary action. The student may also be charged a fine to recover the cost of damage or repair of property.
  • All students require to have the ID tag displayed prominently (worn around the neck) for proper identification.