Tests & Examinations

The school academic year is divided into four terms.

A Unit test is held at the end of every Unit. The syllabus for the test is only the recently taught Unit. This test is to ascertain whether a student can understand the lessons taught in class.

Terminal examinations are held at the end of each term. There are four rounds of terminal exams along with final exam. Each exams carries 100 marks. These exams cover the lessons taught up to the working days of that term. These exams are conducted on all subjects to ensure that the students can handle full-length examinations or board examinations.

A comprehensive examination results are given to the parents to inform them about the student’s progress and ability to keep up with the class.

All the examinations (except Nepali) are taken in English. Apart from these, tests are conducted regularly in order to provide feedback for improving and correcting teaching methods. Besides short tests and a regular assessment of a student’s performance is made on a day-to-day basis.

Tests on subsidiary subjects such as handwriting, spelling, science & computer practicals, speaking & listening, arts & crafts etc. are taken after tests on the major subjects are conducted.

A student is promoted to the immediate higher classes or is allowed to take the Board exams only if his/her performance is satisfactory in all the exams conducted in an academic session. The final result is prepared on the basis of the marks obtained in the terminal exams and the percentage carries on each term are :

First term: 10 % ;        Second Term: 10 % ;        Third term : 30 %       Final Term : 50 %       Weightage: 100 %