Expectation From Students

It is understood that when a student enrolls in our school, he/she and his/her parents agree to conform to its procedures and comply with its rules. Students are expected to:

  • Be responsible for their own behavior by being regular and punctual in attendance
  • Maintain habits of personal cleanliness
  • Show respect towards adults and love towards Youngers.
  • Display desirable attitudes and moral standards
  • Make a sincere effort to learn
  • Value the opinions of others
  • Accept the duties of membership in a democratic group
  • Contribute positively to the creation and maintenance of a climate that is conducive to learning
  • Respect the rights of other students in the classroom
  • Participate in school activities and maintain the decorum of the class
  • Take care of school and personal property
  • Cooperate with pupils who have been delegated responsibilities
  • Attend school regularly, be obedient to adults and courteous in behavior. They should be neatly dressed and should follow the rules and regulations of the school
  • Speak in English in the school premises
  • Wear proper school uniform. They should not wear jewelry or make up in school
  • Complete their assignments, participate in classroom activities and perform to the best of their ability