Facilities & Services

Co-Curricular Activities

To build up a strong foundation, conceptual base with in depth knowledge, we organize varieties of Extracurricular activities on every Friday such quiz  competition, debate, poem, free writing, singing, dancing, speech, handwriting, class decoration, art and craft etc. Through these students display and we pick out their adequate a drop of coins to enhance and extend their inner ability to touch their feet and to set fire in every nook of the world.

To build up the efficiency of presenting themselves among the mass and to build the commanding efficiency, we conduct daily turn-wise schedule of assembly command duty, News reading, Article or speech delivering, Though of the day delivering session by the students on the daily morning assembly line.

Games & Sprots

To Keep the students “Healthy body, healthy mind and healthy sound”, our school conducts a variation of Games and sports such as Volleyball, football, Cricket, race kabbardi etc, along with inter house competition with the motto to facilitate the students physically and mentally sharp and vigorous.

E-Library and Computer labs

We have peculiarly managed E-library, where students and staffs can access digital books, magazines along with different knowledgeable resources. Through internet connection from where students they can quench their hunger knowledge with in a minute.

We have a well facilitated computer labs with a projector having high speed internet facility, where students can themselves be able to practically explore their knowledge. 

Montessori based education

We Provide Montessori based education for the pre-primary level student with child friendly environment. Lots of Playing and educational materials with the environment of Learning while playing along with this proper care makes us one of the highly preferable school around the surrounding.

Project Work

For the additional and output multi skill growth, we provide vary project works, in which students gets opportunity to recollect their experiences, ideas and information to pave their amazement and adventure. Throughout the project work students develop the mental toughness and resilience to point their career heighten and brighten.


With the motto of providing excellent, effective and competitive education to the students, we have managed schedule-wise audio-visual e-classes from Nursery to Class Ten along with smart Board. Where students are given smart class so that they can have efficiency of presenting themselves among the mass and can be able to visualize the acquired knowledge in sight.

Educational Tour & Excursion

We believes in action and experience, Thus we organize an Educational tour and excursion for the students. From where our pupils get privilege to attain knowledge, experience about amazing scenery and wonder to quench the thirst of knowledge in nature and nature environment. 

Extra Class on Individual Interest

We offer the extra classes on no additional fees on the basis of individual students ability and interest like Art and craft, dancing, music, games and sports, creativity and literature, basic class for weak students etc for the upliftment and empowerment of individual students ability and interest.


We have the facility of Accident Insurance on no additional charges for each of the students admitted in this school, up to one lakhs Rupees . Through this insurance facility If incase any student get accident either at home, road or school (24 hrs), School will provide the treatment amount Up to one lakhs rupees after submitting the medical treatment reports and bills to the school. Many students and Guardians has been benefited through this facility. This facility is only available in our school in Gulmi district.

Mobile Application

We have our own customized mobile application and web base Academic ERP developed by the Nepal’s leading software company “Dynamic technosoft pvt. ltd” for the better communication and sharing of information, notice, school details and activities of individual students with their respective Guardian. Use of Mobile APP and cloud based (online) school management software Academic ERP, Guardian and students can get the instance notice, can view their fees details, result and other activities through notification as well as mobile SMS.

Science laboratory

We have Science laboratory having adequate lab materials for practical work .  Teachers who teach science try to make science classes interesting and lively by showing experiments taken from real life. Such a method involves active participation of students who take a great delight in exploring the world of science around them. Science exhibitions are held at regular intervals to give the students an opportunity to display their powers of observation and inference.


The library is a major resource of any modern institution. Students cannot acquire knowledge only through text books or classroom lectures. The library is of great help in the fulfillment of their aim because it provides ample opportunities for acquiring knowledge. The knowledge gained through the class may be forgotten after some time but that which the students acquire themselves through self study will be remembered by them even after leaving school.

The school has one open-shelf library that is designed to encourage students to develop an interest in a variety of subjects. The libraries have a wide range of books to meet the demands of every age group and taste. They try to develop the reading habit and appreciation of literature among students. The various reference books on every subject help students acquire in-depth knowledge and also help students to develop an independence in solving problems. 


The extremely well-managed school hostel provides students residing outside the  valley with an opportunity to study in an extremely healthy environment conducive to learning. The hostel is under the direct supervision of the Principal, and is looked after by hostel wardens . Every effort is made to ensure that the boarders are kept comfortable, clean, healthy and happy. 


At the canteen, food is sold on a daily payment basis. Hot lunch is provided to the students on a monthly payment basis. Payment can be made along with the school fees at the accounts section as per the Guardian’s comfort. Junk and package foods are strictly prohibited at the school and canteen. The school ensures that all food items conform to acceptable standards.